Dear CEWQO prospective participants and sponsors,

the ongoing  pandemic makes it impossible to peacefully plan CEWQO during summer 2021. We have therefore decide to postpone the 27th edition of CEWQO to June 2022.

On the other hand, we firmly believe that an opportunity of remote meeting and exchanges would be beneficial for entire community and we are thus planning a CEWQOish online event including

1. Few keynote talks (a pair of talks per day for 3/4 days) in week 26/2021 (starting Mon 28 Jun 21);
2. The launch of a special issue of Physics Letters A aimed at collecting QUANTUM OPTICS TUTORIALS (besides research papers);

More details on both activities (collectively referred to CEWQOnline) are coming soon via this mailing list and on the present CEWQO webpage: cewqo20.fisica.unimi.it

Thank you.

Maria Bondani
Marco Genoni
Stefano Olivares
Matteo Paris