CEWQOnline Special Issue

A special issue of Physics Letters A entitled “Quantum optical science & technology” is now open for submission (for CEWQOnline registered participants only)

To submit go to this page and select “VSI:QOST” as article type.

The special issue is intended  to provide the reader with an up-to-date snapshot of the current fundamental research in quantum optics. In particular, we aim at collecting tutorials and perspective articles, offering a fresh view on fundamental topics, and providing tools for a new generation of researchers in quantum optics.

We invite submission of research papers, perspective articles, tutorials, and tutorial reviews. Emphasis is on clarity and pedagogical intent rather than novelty. At this stage, we are collecting contributions by invitation and from CEWQOnline registered participants only.

Physics Letters A has the tradition of publishing papers at the forefront of fundamental research in quantum optics and had been home of several influential papers on quantum mechanics and quantum information science.

Click here for a collection of Quantum Information Science paper published by PLA over the years.